Texas Recon facebook cover image

The cover image designed for paintball team Texas Recon.

CelJak Photography facebook

CelJak is a logo photography studio that does great work. An a great company needs a great look to help open the door for new business.

All About Gutters facebook

All About Gutters is a local company i created there logo and helped with there site and facebook presence.

Ohio Paintballers facebook

Ohio Paintballers is a facebook community of paintball players from Ohio. I created the logos they use on there facebook page and on figure merchandise to help grow there community.

Rich Adkins Ministries – facebook image

This is an older facebook profile image for Rich Adkins Ministries facebook page.

Bomber Paintball

A paintball company from Monroe, New York was having a logo design contest. So i submitted this logo for the companies review and i won the contest. I helped out the owner of Bomber Paintball and were working together to create this new look for all there products and online to keep there presence streamlined.

Drop Zone Paintball

Drop Zone LTD is a Paintball & Airsoft field located in Warren, OH. I created a new look for them consisting of a primary logo and secondary logo as well. Then i helped them unify there look by creating there look for facebook, creating a custom cover photo from shot of there newest field.