Trevis Meseroll Designs will be heading to Orlando, Florida this weekend to attend the 2012 PSP World Cup and Paintball Trade Show.  This will be a double duty for me, i guess you can say that i will experience the BEST of both worlds.  If you know me i’m a avid paintball player, playing on a team here in the Cincinnati area.  Team Fuse is a great organization ran by Brian Warner and has many great players, we play the PSP tournament circuit.  As well as experiencing the thrill of watching my team participate, as well as watching my favorite Professional team, Tampa Bay Damage play this weekend.  I will also be working, Trevis Meseroll Designs is making a hard push to get recognized in the Paintball industry.  October has been very successful for me, winning 3 design contest and also getting the chance to work with great teams and individual from across the world. Well i’m off to pack, and i will be putting photos up in my Photography section of my Portfolio upon returning as well.

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