365 Day Turnaround…

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This world is amazing.  You can think of all kinds of things to be, do or to see.  Me I’ve always love art, and have been drawn to the wonders of being a “designer” ever since i can remember.  I can remember as a young child seeing logos and wondering how i could make it look different or what i could be to improve it.  So now as an adult with over 15 years of Graphic Design experience and with the 2 Degrees that I’ve obtained.  I don’t still consider myself a professional, I still to this day learn and adapt to my skill set.  2013 was an incredible year for me and Trevis Meseroll Designs.  It all started with a winning design for a tee from G.I. Sportz, then i entered into the Design Your Luxe laser engraving contest.  I also came out with the winning design there.  I got to design the Planet Eclipse Geo3 anodize design for Paintballers 4 Autism.  Then also working with many teams to create there unique team jerseys for completion.  Winning of the contest i entered was great and helped get me skills recognized as well.  With all the opportunists that life has in store for one if they peruse there dreams.  I’ve been able to design several NPPL and PSP event shirts, designed many teams jerseys for companies like RAZA, HK Army, Animal Customs, Kohn, PbLyfe, Anthrax, Maxsimum Customs and others.  Also having the great opportunities to work with many major companies in the paintball industry.  Virtue Paintball, Deadlywind, Planet Eclipse, Animal Customs, Social Paintball, Paintballer187.com, and others.  I feel that my hard work and love for design and passion has helped open many doors for me.  I’ve got to work on some great new projects just making there debut in the paintball industry.  Virtue Paintball asked me to work on the Virtue Vio custom strap designs for them as well as the packaging art for a new 2014 product.  Also got hired to create the branding for a new product being released by Lurker Paintball also for the February 2014 release.  I’m sure by now your saying this guy only designs for “paintball”.  No i just have a passion for it, and will gladly design for anything that comes my way.   I’ve designed logos for dance studios, photographers, massage and tanning salons as well as for Professional Marksmen and Anglers as well.  I’ve always said that if i can design for a living you won’t hear me say “I hate my job”.  That is just the truth too!  I work as a designer for an promotional apparel company called PromoSpark.  An then I run and operate Trevis Meseroll Designs out of my home office.  People think I’m crazy, but when you have a passion and a dream you follow it and drive as hard as you can until you fell you have succeed!  To me all that i do for Trevis Meseroll Designs is for my love of design, it’s not for the money!  Yes i need money, i have a wonderful Wife and 4 great children to care for.  But i also have a great faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He has always been there for me and even in our darkest times.  An I know in my heart that my heart is in the right place and last year was only a stepping stone for Trevis Meseroll Designs.

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