Ohio Paintballers logo

Ohio Paintballers is a facebook community of paintball players from Ohio. I created the logos they use on there facebook page and on figure merchandise to help grow there community.

Florida Annihilators paintball jersey concept

My concept jersey and logo design for a paintball team, the Florida Annihilators.

MOL “Midwest Ohio League” paintball jersey concept

MOL "Midwest Ohio League" jersey concept. The MOL is a paintball tournament series in Ohio.

Worcester Red Surge logo

This is a logo concept for the Worcester Red Surge paintball team. This shows the primary and secondary logos that can be used in may way to showcase the teams look.

YourGat.com “Pure Hatred” logo

I created the entire look of this product as well as the logo that will be the feature. YourGat.com is building there business and will be releasing "Pure Hatred" paintballs in the coming year.

Rich Adkins Ministries

logo design for the Rich Adkins Ministries.

Huber Heights Hornets

This is an entire look i created for a Lacrosse team from Huber Heights, Ohio. The Hornets were to use this look on both sides of there helmets and on there home and away pennies (jerseys).

RSHMedia – logo design

RSHMedia is a great group of individuals from Flevoland, Netherlands. I created the RSHMedia logo, which is being used on there photos, apparel, web, and other marketing way to promote there business in Europe.

Bomber Paintball “logo design” contest winner

A paintball company from Monroe, New York was having a logo design contest. So i submitted this logo for the companies review and i won the contest. We are now in the process of collaborating together on a Bomber Paintball apparel line.

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