Paintball Gun Design

MidWest Bandits Geo3.5 Gun Design

Team Issued Planet Eclipse Geo3.5 gun design for MidWest Bandits.

Zane Yachimec’s Pro Model Gun Design

Edmonton Impact's Zane Yachimec's Planet Eclipse CS1 Pro Edition gun design.

Red Storm Russia 10th Anniversary Gun Design

Russian paintball team Red Storm's 10th Anniversary Planet Eclipse CS1 gun design.

Red Storm Russia “Classic” Gun Design

Planet Eclipse CS1 "Classic" gun design for Red Storm Russia.

“CrowPack” Gun Design For Ramstien Instinct

Planet Eclipse CS1 design for Ramstien Instinct, called "CrowPack".

Bounty Hunters Team Edition CS1

Planet Eclipse CS1 design for Bounty Hunters paintball team.

Planet Eclispe GSL Marker Design

I was asked to do an Apocalypse theme on a Planet Eclipse GSL paintball marker.

Chicago Aggressive Team LV1 Gun Design

Planet Eclipse LV1 marker design for Chicago Aggressive.

Chicago Aggressive Team Geo3.5 Gun Design

Planet Eclipse Geo3.5 marker design for Chicago Aggressive.

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