Photo Manipulations

Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation of Professional Paintball player Max Traylor from Upton 187 cRrew.

Jason Ferayorni of FUSE

PhotoShop watercolor effect to photo of FUSE player Jason Ferayorni

Tim Propst of Tampa Bay Damage

PhotoShop typographic effect to photo of Tampa Bay Damage player Tim Propst.

Tampa Bay Damage – Timmy Propst

Tampa Bay Damage professional paintball player Timmy Propst photo manipulated using Adobe PhotoShop CS6.

Paintball Player displacement effect

PhotoShop creation of a paintball player in a displacement effect.

Tampa Bay Damage – Chad Busiere

PhotoShop tweak from a photo of Tampa Bay Damage's Chad Busiere.

Upton 187 Crew

A photo manipulation from PhotoShop of Massachusetts Professional paintball team the Upton 187 Crew.

Tyler Ladd – Team Fuse

PhotoShop manipulation of a photography to create a unique piece of art.